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Nov 06 2017 Mahni Ghorashi

Technology’s Role in Eradicating Foodborne Illness

Food recalls cost an average of $15 million per incident and cause significant harm to brands’ reputation and credibility. They can also cause significant harm to individuals. In the U.S. alone, foodborne illnesses make 48 million people sick and are responsible for 3,000 fatalities every year.

Sep 26 2017 Staff

Food Safety Matters Podcast Interviews Mike Taylor Former FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine

Mr. Taylor currently a senior fellow at the Meridian Institute, an advisor to the Food and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, and a board member of both STOP Foodborne Illness and Clear Labs, Inc. His primary interests are food safety globally and food security in Africa and other developing regions.

Sep 20 2017 Sasan Amini

NGS in Food Safety: Seeing What Was Never Before Possible

Over the last 30 years, multiple technology transitions have occurred to improve food safety. Now, NGS offers an unprecedented opportunity to protect against likely threats in food, create the highest quality private databases, and customize internal reporting based on top-of-the-line science and business practices.

Aug 30 2017 Meagan McGinnes

Clear Labs Lands $16M to Improve Food Safety

Developments in food technology are altering more than just product innovation. Using next-generation proprietary technology based on DNA sequencing and data management, California-based Clear Labs is seeking to modernize food safety.

Aug 15 2017 Isha Salian

What’s in my food? DNA sequencing, blockchain provide closer look

Looking at food at the molecular level helps Clear Labs answer questions that plague retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

Jun 28 2017 Chloe Sorvino

The 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startups

From irrigation hardware engineered to beat the drought to biotechnology startups cultivating future cash crops, Forbes has identified the 25 most innovative pieces of burgeoning technology in this space. Together, they have more than $400 million in financing.

Jun 08 2017 Kevin Kelly

Biotech Aims to Eradicate Food Recalls

Clear Labs working on food safety platform, plans to grow Menlo Park workforce tenfold.

Mar 16 2017 Meira Gebel

Menlo Park startup boasts the largest molecular food database in the world

Clear Labs was founded in 2014 out of a belief that there must be an easier solution to combat foodborne illnesses. Co-founders Sasan Amini and Mahni Ghorashi, with backgrounds in genomics, saw unmet needs in the food safety market.

Dec 13 2016 Tomio Geron

WSJ – Clear Labs Gets Funding for DNA-Based Food-Safety Screenings

Startup can check for genetically modified foods by studying product at molecular level.

Dec 13 2016 Sarah Buhr

Tech Crunch – Google Ventures-backed Clear Labs gets $13 million in Series B to nip food recalls in the bud

Clear Labs, a genomic data platform hoping to stop E-coli outbreaks in your favorite burrito chain before they start, has pulled in $13 million in Series B funding to build a next-generation sequencing-based (NGS) microbiome test and grow the business.

Dec 13 2016 Paul Sawyers

Venture Beat – Food analytics startup Clear Labs raises $13 million from Wing, GV, Tencent, more

Clear Labs, a food analytics startup for retailers and manufacturers, has raised $13 million in a Series B round led by Wing Venture Capital, with participation from Google Ventures (GV), Tencent, Khosla Ventures, and Felicis Ventures.

Dec 13 2016 Erin Griffith

Fortune – Term Sheet

Clear Labs, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based provider of food analytics for retailers and manufacturers, raised $13 million in Series B funding. Wing VC led the round, with participation from GV, Tencent, Khosla Ventures, and Felicis Ventures.

Dec 13 2016 Joe Whitworth

Food Quality News – Clear Labs: Funding Round Will Help Us Reach Companies on Global Scale

Clear Labs has raised $13m in Series B funding to expand its software and next generation sequencing (NGS) tests.

Dec 13 2016 Carolyn Heneghan

Food Dive – What Clear Labs' $13M funding round means for the food and beverage industry

Clear Labs' NGS technology can simultaneously benefit consumers on one end and retailers and manufacturers on the other. Consumers can better trust labels and claims that retailers and manufacturers make about their products thanks to increased transparency NGS technology offers.

Dec 13 2016 Staff Reporter

Genome Web – Clear Labs Raises $13M in Series B Financing

Wing VC led the round, with participation from Google Ventures, Tencent, Khosla Ventures, and Felicis Ventures. Clear Labs said it plans to use the funding to extend its commercial reach in the US, Europe and Asia, expand its family of food tests, build its commercial team, and advance its software.

Dec 13 2016 Iris Dorbian

PE HUB – Clear Labs pulls in $13 mln Series B

Menlo Park, California-based Clear Labs, a food analytics platform for retailers and manufacturers, has raised $13 million in Series B funding. Wing VC led the round with participation from Google Ventures, Tencent, Khosla Ventures and Felicis Ventures. In addition to the funding, the company has named Michael R. Taylor,former FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, to its board of directors.

May 10 2016 Alexandra Ossola

A Genetic Database Will Identify What's Really in Our Food

It’s hard to know what’s in your food. While some people find it scary to read the labels on processed foods, it’s scarier to know that these labels can sometimes be inaccurate, if an unrecorded ingredient was added somewhere in the manufacturing process.

May 10 2016 Maddie Stone

Genetic Analysis of 250 Burgers Reveals Some Unsavory Surprises

Last year, a biotech startup called Clear Labs performed DNA testing on a bunch of hot dogs and discovered that they often contain more than the label advertises. The same company has now used its arsenal of molecular technologies to break down America’s other favorite meat-on-a-bun product: burgers. Once again, there are some unsavory surprises.

May 10 2016 Kate Taylor

Burgers sold at fast-food chains and grocery stores across the US might not be what you think they are

Food analytics platform Clear Labs identified problems with ingredient substitutions, hygiene, and contamination in 13.6% of the 258 burger products the company analyzed on a molecular level, in a report released on Tuesday. The company analyzed ground meat, frozen patties, fast-food burger products, and veggie burger products.

May 10 2016 Virginia Chamlee

Your Veggie Burger Might Have Rat DNA (And Beef) In It

From rat DNA to illness-causing pathogens, a molecular analysis of burgers has found there might be more in that patty than you bargained for. Thinking meatless options offer a healthier alternative? Think again. According to this study, veggie burgers are often more problematic than their meaty counterparts.

May 10 2016 James Tennent

US burgers test positive for rat and human DNA

A molecular analysis of burger products has thrown up some surprising ingredients. Food analytics platform, Clear Labs, tested what constituted 258 different burger products and found rat and human DNA, as well as veggie burgers containing meat while others had pathogens.

May 10 2016 James Tennent

US burgers test positive for rat and human DNA

A molecular analysis of burger products has thrown up some surprising ingredients. Food analytics platform, Clear Labs, tested what constituted 258 different burger products and found rat and human DNA, as well as veggie burgers containing meat while others had pathogens.

May 10 2016 Julia Belluz

A new food safety test just found rat DNA in hamburger meat. Here's why that's good news.

The hamburger isn't exactly the poster child for food safety. In recent years, we've seen ground beef implicated in scandals involving strains of E. coli that can sicken or kill, as well as salmonella, listeria, and other harmful bugs.

May 10 2016 Beth Kowitt

Analysis of Burger Market Finds Unwanted Ingredients: Rat and Human DNA

Clear Labs, which has raised $8 million in funding, launched in 2014 and currently works with about 10 food retailers and manufacturers to help them secure their supply chains. The company uses next-generation DNA sequencing, which allows it to perform genomic analysis quickly and cheaply. The company “can look blindly into a sample and tell you all of the ingredients and species rather than look for a specific pathogen or adulterant,” Ghorashi explains.

Mar 22 2016

Clear Labs Achieves Accreditation by A2LA


Clear Labs, the world’s first food analytics platform for retailers and manufacturers, today announced that it has achieved lab accreditation by A2LA for technical competence in the field of biological testing, in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. Clear Labs has also met additional program requirements in the Biological field, including AOAC 2005 accreditation.

Nov 10 2015 Peter Sagal

My Bologna Has a Real First Name

A scientific research firm called Clear Food - it does sequencing of foods to find out what's in it. They sampled all these hot dogs, and they found traces of human DNA. That's right. That all-beef frank is part your friend Frank.

Nov 08 2015 Sienna Fantozzi

Study Finds Some Seriously Unsettling Ingredients in Hot Dogs

There's nothing we love more in the summer, at a tailgate, or in a ball park than a juicy hot dog. It's America's street food, after all. So Italy, you can have your gelato because we've got meat between buns ... or do we? According to an alarming study from Clear Food, that hot dog you're eating might contain some unwelcome ingredients. Read on at your own risk.

Nov 07 2015 Nick Rose

There's Pork and Human DNA in Your Veggie Dog

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding hot dogs. Most revolve around how they are made and what exactly goes into the emulsified meat mixture that eventually ends in the bellies of 95 percent of Americans. And with some 20 billion dogs consumed annually, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, there is no shortage of sausage varieties ranging from kosher, to vegetarian, and everything in between.

Nov 05 2015 Jonah Bromwich

No, Hot Dogs Do Not Contain Human Meat

The eye-catching headlines on the new findings started coming in waves. “Report: Human DNA Found in Hot Dogs” said USA Today, in a typical example. This bizarre information came from a single document released on Oct. 17 by the consumer marketing arm of a company called Clear Labs, which had found traces of human DNA in 2 percent of the products sampled.

But don’t worry: There’s no evidence that hot-dog lovers are unwitting cannibals. It’s more a matter of hygiene in food production. The tiniest particles of hair, nails and skin could show up in these tests.

Oct 29 2015 Morgan Korn

Some Hot Dogs, Sausages Studied Contain Human DNA, Says New Report

The food that's a staple of American cookouts is getting some scrutiny for some unexpected ingredients. Clear Food, an independent company that analyzes food at the molecular level, found that 14.4 percent of the hot dogs it tested were "problematic." Clear Food reported that it found human DNA in six of the 345 samples, or 2 percent of all samples tested. Four of the six samples that tested positive for human DNA were vegetarian products.

Oct 29 2015 CBS News

Report Has Stunning Revelation for Contents of Hot Dogs

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, about 7 billion hot dogs will be consumed in the U.S., and on the Fourth of July more than 150 million hot dogs will be consumed alone. America's 120-year-old love affair with hot dogs extends from ballparks to backyards to the White House. A new report, however, adds extra meaning to the phrase "you don't want to know how the sausage gets made."

Oct 28 2015 Molly Shea

Your Vegetarian Hot Dog May Contain Meat...And Human DNA

Think you’re making the healthy choice by picking a vegetarian hot dog? Check the brand you’re buying: A new report found that 10 percent of the vegetarian hot dogs tested contained meat, including chicken in a vegetarian breakfast sausage and pork in a vegetarian hot dog.

Oct 28 2015 Todd Leopold

Report: 10% of Vegetarian Hot Dogs Contain Meat

Your franks may not be being frank with you if you're a vegetarian. According to a study from Clear Labs, a food analytics startup, 10% of vegetarian hot dog products contain meat. Perhaps worse, the company found hygiene issues in four of its 21 vegetarian samples. It also found human DNA in 2% of its hot dog samples.

Oct 28 2015 Rebecca Grant

Genetic Testing for Your Hot Dog

Over the past few years, food has generated headlines and turned stomachs the world over. In 2013, European governments launched a massive investigation after food-safety agencies discovered that an alarming number of products advertised as beef were actually horsemeat. In China last year, Walmart recalled its “Five Spice” donkey-meat snacks after they were found to be adulterated with fox meat. In the U.S., Americans spend around $5.57 billion a year on sausages—but up to 14 percent of the time, the type of meat may not match what’s advertised on the package.

Oct 28 2015 Sarah Whitten

Study Finds Human DNA in Some Hot Dog Brands

Do you really want to know what's in a hot dog? Well, Clear Food, a company that genetically tests food products, did, and their results could make you a little queasy. Helmed by Sasan Amini, a genomicist, and Mahni Ghorashi, the former head of marketing of Bina Technologies, Clear Food is a branch of Clear Labs, a company that analyzes food at a molecular level to determine the quality of brands.

Oct 28 2015 Whitney Meers

Hot Dogs Contain Human DNA, Veggie Dogs Contain Meat

If you're a hot dog lover, you may have beef with a study that finds certain varieties of hot dogs contain human DNA. The study also concludes that 10 percent of veggie dog brands tested contained meat. Researchers for Clear Labs, a company that sets standards for food quality, looked at 345 samples of hot dogs and sausages from 75 brands and 10 retailers, assigning each brand a score up to 100 for the highest quality products.

Sep 30 2015 FoodProcessing Staff

Database searches for the GMO in packaged food

A Californian food tech start-up wants to be the go-to search engine to bring full transparency to the food industry. Clear Labs says it merges clinical-grade genomic analysis and big data analytics to allow food brands to gain a new level of transparency into their supply chains, differentiate on quality and ultimately enhance their value.

Sep 21 2015 Joe Whitworth

New kid on the food quality block targets supply chain transparency

Industry will be able to test for complete accuracy and not just spot-check for contamination, according to the CEO of a newly-launched company which is beta testing such a product.

Sep 18 2015 Dan Nosowitz

DNA Sequencing Reveals Food’s Secrets—but Consumers May Not Learn What’s Uncovered

Clear Labs is one of a crop of biotech companies trying to leverage DNA sequencing into something profitable. DNA sequencing has been around for a few decades, but it’s only in the last 10 years or so that so-called “next-generation” DNA sequencing has been in vogue. The technology basically extracts DNA from a sample and analyzes it very closely, looking for any weird patterns in the analysis.

Sep 18 2015 Juliano Dario

New Company Can Tell You Exactly What's In Your Food

Want an easy way to know what's in your food? This new start-up may have the answer. The company in question is called Clear Labs, a food analytics group that is using genomic data to find out what exactly is in the food you're eating.

Sep 18 2015 Tiffany Do

Can DNA Testing Save Us From Eating Contaminated Foods?

Clear Labs, a food analytics company, has been collecting samples of genetic markers of food for the past two years, creating the largest database of these markers in the world. The company is launching something called Clear View that will track down whether or not a food contains microbes, allergens or specific genetically modified components. It’ll also tell the “authenticity of an ingredient (whether the fish in those fish sticks is really what you think it is).” As ZPZ’s original series Food Crimes has reported, fish fraud is a major problem; the same goes for pathogen-tainted foods.

Sep 16 2015 Whitney Filloon

DNA Testing for Food Could Make Listeria Outbreaks a Thing of the Past

A food analytics company in the Bay Area could put an end to food-related illness outbreaks as we know them.

Sep 16 2015 Ankita Pradhan

Clear Labs Laps Up $6.5M In Series A Funding

The new standard for molecular food quality, Clear Labs, launched from stealth today and announced a $6.5M Series A funding round with participation from Khosla Ventures and Felicis Ventures, among other strategic investors.

Sep 16 2015 Business Wire

Clear Labs Launches To Bring Next-Gen Genomics and Transparency to the Food Industry

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clear Labs, the new standard for molecular food quality, launched from stealth today and announced a $6.5M Series A financing

Sep 15 2015 Genome Web

Food Quality Firm Clear Labs Launches With $6.5M Series A Financing

The Menlo Park, California-based firm also announced the launch of its first product, Clear View, in private beta mode. Founded in 2014, Clear Labs seeks to "index the world's food supply and set worldwide standards for food integrity," it said in a statement.

Sep 15 2015 Dan Primack

Clear Labs has Raised $6.5 Million in Series A Funding

Clear Labs, developer of a database that will index foods based on genetic analysis, has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding. Backers include Khosla Ventures and Felicis Capital.

Sep 15 2015 Alexandra Ossola

A Genetic Database Will Identify What's Really In Our Food

It’s hard to know what’s in your food. While some people find it scary to read the labels on processed foods, it’s scarier to know that these labels can sometimes be inaccurate, if an unrecorded ingredient was added somewhere in the manufacturing process. Startup Clear Labs wants to use genetic analysis change that; yesterday the company announced that it is rolling out a database of the genetic signatures of food, called Clear View.

Sep 15 2015 Katie M. Palmer

This Company Is Using DNA to Sniff Out Contaminated Food

Seeing the contents of the freezer at Clear Labs, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a college dorm room. Stacked high with Ziplocs, it’s stocked with seemingly every frozen food known to man: microwaveable burgers, chicken bacon ranch sandwiches, mozzarella sticks. It’s not all that different from a freezer at your typical Bay Area startup, actually—except this food isn’t for eating. It’s for analyzing.

Sep 15 2015 Sarah Buhr

Clear Labs Aims To Be Google Search For GMOs In Packaged Food

How much gluten, genetically modified organisms and other allergens are in that cereal you ate this morning? Not many people know what is in their food right now, but genomic data startup Clear Labs hopes to index all the packaged fare in the world so we do.

Sep 15 2015 Tom Cheredar

What’s in Your Food? Clear Labs Nabs $6.5M to Help the Food Industry Find Out

While a large portion of people in the U.S. may have a fascination with the quality of food that goes into their bodies, the process for testing that food is pretty inefficient, costly, and hasn’t changed much in decades.

Sep 15 2015 Carolyn Heneghan

What a Closer Look at the Food Supply's DNA Could Mean

Clear Labs, a food analytics company, has spent two years collecting food samples to compile what the company says is the world’s largest database of food genetic markers. Clear Labs hopes that food manufacturers will be able to use DNA data to improve management of the food supply.

Sep 15 2015 Iris Dorbian

Clear Labs Picks up $6.5 Mln Series A

Menlo Park, California-based food analytics company Clear Labs has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding. The investors included Khosla Ventures and Felicis Ventures.