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Tunable Characterization

Clear Safety enables deep molecular characterization of pathogens, with just the amount of information needed for your safety program. You can choose to drill down to serotypes, strains, or whole genome sequences based on the application need.

Multi-Target Analysis

With Clear Safety, you can efficiently screen an array of pathogens, increasing throughput and reducing costs


Clear Safety’s automation guarantees reproducibility and reduces hands-on labor and error potential.

Superior Accuracy

Clear Safety’s accuracy sharply reduces false negatives and positives, curtailing recall risks, operational costs, holding time, and short-shipping penalties.

Fast Turnaround Time

With Clear Safety, you can reduce costs, and the platform’s fast turnaround time keeps your inventory shipments moving.

Environmental Mapping

Visualize your environmental test results so that you can better understand contamination incidents and take more informed corrective actions.

Clear Safety vs. PCR Legacy Methods

ClearLabs - Compare
Clear Safety
Higher rates of false positives and negatives
>99.9% accuracy for genus-level screening, resulting in dramatically lower rates of false positives and negatives
Pathogen Profiling
Expensive and slow speciation and serotyping
Faster and more inexpensive speciation, serotyping, and strain identification
Screen for one pathogen at a time
Screen for an array of pathogens in one test
Hands-on labor, prone to errors
Robotics that reduce labor and errors
Environmental Contamination
Environmental mapping not included
Resident/transient contamination analysis
Binary yes/no answers
AI and machine learning provide trends, environmental maps, and predictive risk assessments


Product Brief: Salmonella Serotyping with Clear Safety

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