Food Safety

Tyson Ventures invests in Clear Labs, on a mission to safely feed a growing world population

Mahni Ghorashi April 11, 2019

When we started Clear Labs, we knew much of our success would depend on our ability to convince the market of a new way forward in food safety testing, as well as our ability to help key players understand and experience the value of this new application of NGS technology. That is why we are so proud to announce the investment of Tyson Ventures in Clear Labs.

As part of Tyson’s commitment to grow bolder through innovation and achieve their mission of raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do, Tyson Foods, Inc. launched a venture capital fund in 2016. They invest in companies developing breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed the growing world population.

Through collaborating with leading food entrepreneurs pioneering new products and technology that are making meaningful changes and improvements to food systems, they are playing an important part in advancing the food system of tomorrow.

As many other food manufacturers are also realizing, they recognize how technologies like NGS have the potential to help food brands uphold safety and quality standards.

Given that the global food industry continues to grow in size and complexity, food manufacturers need high-throughput, tunability, and accuracy to ensure safety and protect their supply chains. NGS is the perfect tool, representing the next era of food safety.

It’s a methodology that has revolutionized both the study and application of genomics and molecular biology in clinical markets. Now, it’s taking the food industry by storm, giving food safety professionals unprecedented insight into the molecular make-up of their inventory.

At Clear Labs, we enable major brands to capitalize on a new era of food safety technologies by advancing DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and robotics to create preventative food safety management systems.

We’re thrilled to have Tyson Ventures as an investor as we continue to help the food industry leverage the best technology for not only securing the food supply chain, but also tackling the need to sustainably feed a growing world.