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Welcome to “The DNA of Clear Labs,” an interview series where we speak with our teammates, who are the very DNA of our company. In this interview, I spoke with Abhishek Hegde, who’s an associate product manager at Clear Labs. If you want to read more about life at Clear Labs, you can read our interview with Stephanie Pollard here.


How did your career path lead you to Clear Labs?


I was involved with genetics during my university days, and after graduating, I wanted to apply it in a commercial setting. I also wanted to work with a smaller team in order to advance my learning, and Clear Labs seemed to be a great fit. Their goal of modernizing food safety with the latest sequencing technologies was a mighty challenge, so I jumped in right away!


How has your career path changed since you started at Clear Labs?


Initially, I worked with the Science R&D division, during which I took on exploration and optimization testing. It gave me a deeper sense of technicalities within the product, but openly cross-collaborating with various departments made it apparent that a product is much more than just the development. It requires a blend of disciplines, and the challenge of envisioning the product as a tremendous customer experience inspired my pivot to product management. With support and encouragement from Clear Labs, I transitioned over to the new role and have since applied my technical knowledge to the product from a different angle.


Tell me about an accomplishment that you’re most proud of at Clear Labs.


More than the personal accomplishments, it has to be the company’s positive contribution to food safety, with the help of a singular vision and the united collaboration of everyone. Knowing that the capabilities of our products facilitate better health of the end-consumer feels most rewarding, and I’m continually proud of what we have accomplished and the ongoing future work!


How has Clear Labs empowered you as a young professional?


It has allowed me a deeper understanding of the various pillars of commercial development with which I have been able to accelerate my personal and professional growth, and can continue to do so in the future.


More broadly, why do you like working for Clear Labs?


It’s the open culture that makes Clear Labs a unique place. Your contributions have a direct influence on the product, and you are encouraged to have a say in the future direction. It’s also the people that work here, with each of their strengths driving forward the vision seamlessly. Some of the smartest minds come to work here every day, and each day can be a significant learning opportunity.


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