Rapid Results Review results in as few as three-to-five hours for sequences and five days for isolates

Strain Meta-Data View strain-associated matching and metadata information to identify pathogen sources

Pinpoint Pinpoint sample composition and molecular typing without previous knowledge

Access Access end-to-end services from extraction to sequencing to interpretation

Test Test the widest variety of matrices and detect pathogen sources

In-House Subcontract or bring in-house if you are a food lab



  • Leading industry food bioinformatics algorithms mapped against our database
  • 30X the coverage of other WGS alternatives
  • State-of-the-art assemblers and variant callers
  • Strain-typing without submission against NCBI pathogen database


  • Top 5 matches and associated strain identification
  • Deep dive into serotypes, host, isolate collector, subtyping, locations, and potential matches to outbreaks
  • Resident pathogen strain typing and identification with “match,” “closely related,” or “no match” results

Our Technology

Built on the foundation of a robust big data engine, our proprietary platform translates quantifiable molecular tests into actionable food data insights


​Definitive Molecular Database

Our database contains the largest collection of reference food genomic sequences so you get the most comprehensive and accurate results.

​The Most Accurate Whole Genome Sequencing Algorithms

Clear Labs delivers high-resolution, secure WGS sequences for traceback analysis and resident & transient matching. Build surveillance, monitor pathogens in your production environments, and perform outbreak traceback analysis.

​Analytics Second to None

Don’t just test, act. Subtype isolates or whole-genome data for understanding your production environment and improved trace-back to contamination sources.

Become Cutting-Edge with Whole Genome Sequencing.

To start incorporating whole genome sequencing into your food safety programs, get in touch below. We’ll answer your questions and get you registered to start submitting samples today.