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For Food Service Labs

Clear Labs licenses our NGS testing portfolio to food contract service labs to offer NGS testing capabilities to their food company customers, across meat, poultry, dairy, produce, retail & CPG companies.



  • Clear Labs enables partner labs to subcontract NGS testing to our fully accredited central lab in Menlo Park, CA.
  • Labs can either extract DNA in their own facilities or ship physical samples to our food testing lab.
  • Partner labs can white-label testing and market the food testing services directly to their customer base.


  • Clear Labs licenses our technology to lab partners to bring our proprietary NGS workflow in-house.
  • Through an official technology transfer, partner labs get access to our materials and methods for processing food samples and preparing for sequencing. Lab partners order our primer cocktail and optional consumables from Clear Labs.
  • Licensing labs have full access to Clear Labs’ informatics pipeline and database for the most accurate identification and analysis of samples available.
Authenticity Testing


Ensure that supplier claims are accurate and raw ingredients are authentic

GMO Analysis


Complete coverage of all known food GMOs in a single test for a fraction of the cost

Whole Genome Sequencing


Securely differentiate between resident and transient pathogen strains and perform traceback analysis



Identify microbiomes and mycobiomes in food samples to determine product freshness and shelf-life

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The NGS Difference

Future proof your lab with next-generation technologies

Quantification yes yes
Breadth Targeted Comprehensive
Screen for Multiple Traits Simultaneously Limited Uncapped
Complex Foods/Processed Food no yes
Sensitivity no
Specificity Higher false-positive & negative rate Lower false-positive & negative rate

What You Get

DNA Workflow

Sampling and multi-marker DNA sequencing workflow

World Database Access

Access to the world's largest molecular food database


Bioinformatics & reporting


Hands-on training & support


Initial setup requirements & support

A Platform You Can Trust

Clear Labs Certifications

Our process is accredited by A2LA for technical competence in the field of biological testing, in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. We have also met additional program requirements in the Biological field, including AOAC 2010 accreditation.

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