GMO Testing

Scale Coverage Dramatically scale coverage with a single, comprehensive test covering all known GMOs

Review Easily review user-friendly sample submission and results

Determine GMOs Determine the detection-level of food GMOs within any sample

Access Access end-to-end services from extraction to sequencing to interpretation

GMO Leverage Clear Labs’ constantly growing GMO database

In-House Subcontract or bring in-house if you are a food lab

Clear Labs Universal GMO Screen

Differentiate on quality, accuracy, and full transparency, down to the molecular level. Leverage quantitative analysis to prove products are actually GMO-free, whether from modification or cross-contamination.

  • All Known Universal GMOs
  • Crop-Based GMO Events
  • Country-approved panel (exports)
  • Non-commercial trait panels
  • Black Spot Bruise Tolerance
  • Coleopteran Insect Resistance
  • Delayed Fruit Softening
  • Delayed Ripening
  • Enhanced Photosynthesis
  • Yield
  • Fertility Restoration
  • Male Sterility
  • Modified Amino Acid
  • Modified Flower Color
  • Modified Oil/Fatty Acid
  • Modified Starch/Carbohydrate

How it Works

Done in our lab or yours, the Clear Labs workflow can be up and running in days, not weeks. Ensure complete coverage for a fraction of the cost of traditional PCR tests.

DNA Extraction and Amplification

DNA Extraction & Amplification

Test for multiple GMO genes in parallel

GMO Tests that Scale

NGS Sequencing

Test for GMOs accurately and at scale

Software Analytics

Software Analytics

Verify GMO-free claims, screen suppliers upfront, rank suppliers based on risk

Our Technology

Built on the foundation of a robust big data engine, our proprietary platform translates quantifiable molecular tests into actionable food data insights


​Definitive Molecular Database

Our database contains the largest collection of reference of known GMO markers so you get the most comprehensive and accurate results

​Universal NGS Tests

One test gives you all possible GMO sequences within a sample. Scientifically guarantee that a product is in fact GMO-free through NGS technology.

​Analytics Second to None

Validate your supplier GMO claims in feed, raw ingredients, or finished products. Clear Labs helps you stand behind your GMO-free brand claims with alerts, reports, and net-new insights.

Strengthen Your Food Quality and Marketing Programs

To start leveraging the power of NGS in your GMO testing, get in touch below. We'll answer your questions, set up a custom demo & get you registered to start submitting samples today.