Identify Identify millions of species of animals, plants, bacteria & fungi with a single test

Review Easily review user-friendly sample submission and results

Pinpoint Pinpoint sample composition without previous knowledge

Access Access end-to-end services from extraction to sequencing to interpretation

Test Test the widest variety of matrices

In-House Subcontract or bring in-house if you are a food lab



  • Highly sensitive & specific testing distinguishes between closely related species and subspecies
  • All samples are run in duplicate
  • Redundant DNA markers ensure minimal false positive rates
  • Positive & negative controls are analyzed in each batch
  • Noise threshold applied to eliminate occurrence of adventitious DNA


  • Ensure quantified results on DNA analysis reads have a standard error of no more than 1.5 points and relative standard error (RSD) not exceeding 25%
  • Set up alerts triggered by selected actions and thresholds, color coded to easily spot samples that need immediate attention
  • Identify all found species and relative abundance of each species in each sample
  • Store and filter your results by metadata associated to each product or sample

Interpret Data Easily Through Smart Alerts

Customizable alerts help you respond quickly and effectively to samples that need your attention, reducing food fraud

Unexpected Ingredient

Unexpected Species

Any identified plant or animal that was not listed in the ingredient list and may be an adulterant


Allergen Contamination

Any FDA top allergen that does not appear in the ingredient list

Missing Ingredient

Missing Ingredient

Any declared or expected ingredient that is not present



Any species that raise hygienic, toxicity or cultural concern

Our Technology

Built on the foundation of a robust big data engine, our proprietary platform translates quantifiable molecular tests into actionable food data insights


​Definitive Molecular Database

Our database contains the largest collection of reference food genomic sequences so you get the most comprehensive and accurate results.

​Universal NGS Tests

Clear Labs delivers high-resolution, universal NGS tests that cover every potential biological adulterant. Build stronger food safety systems and guarantee ingredient and product integrity.

​Analytics Second to None

Don’t just test, act. Clear Labs helps you strengthen your food safety and quality systems with alerts, reports, and net-new insights.

Strengthen Your Food Quality Programs

To start leveraging the power of NGS for food authenticity testing, get in touch below. We'll answer your questions and get you registered to start submitting samples today.