Our VP of Product, Maria Fernandez recently wrote an article for Food Quality News, reflecting on the insights she drew from an INTERPOL seminar late last year. You can find her post on global food fraud here.


Maria dives deep into an analysis of food fraud across the world and observes that while legislation like FSMA and government organizations like INTERPOL have played a major role in combating the endemic problem, the complexity and sheer size of the global food industry means that some bases are inevitably left uncovered. The reality is that we need more entities from all corners of the industry to step up to the plate and work collaboratively to secure our global food supply chain.


As Maria notes…

““The global food retail industry is growing faster than Moore’s Law, calling for a new level of technology, regulation, and organization to ensure safety. As the industry expands and evolves, isn’t it time we help brands committed to protecting their supply chain and the consumers who depend on them?””

— Maria Fernandez, VP of Product

Modern technology, including the NGS platform we’ve built at Clear Labs, is beginning to help fill the gaps that are inherent to the rapid expansion of the global food retail industry. NGS testing is especially promising – it is fast, scalable, and unbiased.


As the cost of genome sequencing drops dramatically, we have a significant opportunity to proactively protect not only the food grown within our local communities and national borders but also the ingredients that we source from other countries. In the end, they all make it to our grocery store shelves and the integrity of each ingredient matters. The only way to make sure our products are consistently safe, regardless of origin, is to create innovative solutions that supplement and enhance, rather than replace, traditional safety measures.


Our technology is becoming available at a time when INTERPOL-Europol is conducting an unprecedented seizure operation and the provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is beginning to take effect – food fraud has never been more primed for defeat.


Click here to read the full article.

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