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Validate Ingredients and Product Authenticity

Verify your suppliers, ensure product integrity, and reduce risk of food adulteration and contamination.

Identify All known GMOs in a Single Test

Unlock the power of NGS to verify GMO-free claims.

Characterize Pathogens with Whole Genome Sequencing

Securely identify specific pathogen sources and strains, test your environmental samples, and reduce risk of outbreaks without traceback liability concerns

Build Better, Healthier Products with Microbiome Testing

Leverage the power of metagenomics through microbiomes and mycobiomes in food and environmental samples to determine product safety, efficacy, freshness, and quality.


Conference Posters

Hot Dog Study: Next-Generation Sequencing as a Novel Tool for Quality Control of Food Products

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Unmasking Seafood Mislabeling in U.S. Markets: DNA Barcoding as a Unique Technology for Food Authentication and Quality Control

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Multi-Marker DNA Sequencing Approach for Food Analysis: Clear Labs’ Unique Platform

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