Time to Vote! SXSW 2017

by, Mahni Ghorashi

After the resounding success of last year’s panel, we are excited to announce that our submission for SXSW 2017 is now live for voting! Community votes count for a third of the overall selections, and we need your help to make sure we have another successful year at SXSW.

Vote for our panel here: Why We Need a Data Standard For The Food Industry!

Our VP of Product, Maria Fernandez-Guajardo and her co-presenter, Jason Tatje, CEO of Farmobile, will be discussing why the food industry needs a data standard in today’s modernizing supply chain.

Maria and Jason will explore how, by leveraging today’s data collection technologies and analytics, we can transform information into actionable intelligence, integrate the various stages of the supply chain and improve the way we efficiently and safely feed the world.

We’ve never had as much data for food as we do now, but, for the most part, our data remain siloed and underutilized. Moving food from farm to table is an incredible feat of horizontal integration and requires an unprecedented amount of coordination. In today’s modernizing world, this coordination often manifest in the form of data sharing.

To date, we have had no reliable way to share, understand, or leverage the data available. How does information about soil quality affect the storage temperature of a particular produce? Can we determine if a product is more likely to stay longer on the grocery store shelf if harvested at a certain point in their lifecycle?

Data standards are beginning to emerge, but mostly for packaged items and mostly from manufacturing to retail to consumer. There is a lot to be done to keep products and data tracked from farm to processing to grocery store shelf.

Both Jason and Maria are uniquely qualified to speak on this topic, and we’re excited to be partnering with Farmobile to cover a topic we’re both passionate about. As our VP of Product, Maria has used her strength in emerging technologies, data analytics and passion for making an impact to play a major role in pioneering food analytics with Clear Labs. Jason has, throughout his entrepreneurial career, touted the importance and value of data collection, and empowering farmers to see that value as well.

The interplay between their expertise will challenge, analyse, and explore the way in which we view data collection at every stage of the food supply chain, from soil to store shelf.

It’s time to put it all on the table.

Vote here: Why We Need a Data Standard For The Food Industry

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