Clear Labs to Speak at SXSW Interactive

by, Mahni Ghorashi

Clear Labs will be traveling to sunny Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive this week! We’re thrilled to be a part of this year’s festivities, and to be contributing to the broad variety of food-and-technology focused panels and workshops at SXSW this year.

Our co-founder Mahni Ghorashi and his fellow panelists, Robyn Metcalfe, Director of Food+City and Charlie Piper, President and CEO of Yottamark, will be discussing the modern food supply chain and the technological disruption we’re seeing at every stage of the food system – from agriculture to manufacturing, shipping, supply, retail, and consumption. The conversation will be moderated by veteran New York Times’ reporter, Stephanie Strom.

Disruption at Every Stage of the Food System Sunday, March 13th 12:30pm – 1:30pm The Driskill at 604 Brazos St. Maximilian Room

Drawing on a broad array of food and technology expertise, Mahni, Robyn, and Charlie will discuss ways that food suppliers can stay informed and remain competitive in an increasingly digitized food industry. Each of the panelists has first-hand experience with technologies enhancing the food business transforming modern food systems.

The impending transparency movement in the the supply chain is not without its challenges: transparency, for example, is rooted in the ability and willingness to share information, but many food industry players consider regard their supply chains as objects of competitive advantage. One of the central questions Mahni, Robyn, and Charlie will confront is how to encourage and enable transparency in this kind of environment.

Mahni’s background is in the intersection of big data and genomics. Before co-founding Clear Labs, he served as Head of Marketing at Bina Technologies, a genomic analysis company acquired by Roche. He then started Clear Labs with his co-founder Sasan Amini in order to realize their vision of setting a new standard in molecular food quality for the global food industry.

Robyn Metcalfe is Professor of Food History at the University of Texas at Austin and the Director of Food + City, a platform for encouraging bold innovation in food distribution, supply chains, and delivery systems – the spaces between food and cities.

Charlie Piper is President and CEO of Yottamark, a company focused on traceability, point of origination, and tracking throughout the supply chain – from field to customer. Before Yottamark, he spent the first 20 years of his career in grocery retail management and served as VP of Corporate Retail Operations of Safeway, Inc.

The panelists are also thrilled to welcome New York Times National Correspondent Stephanie Strom to Austin as the moderator for their panel. Stephanie has been writing for New York Times since 2002 and currently covers the food and agriculture industry.

If you’re traveling to Austin and attending SXSW Interactive, please join us! Our panel, Disruption at Every Stage of the Food System, will run from 12:30 – 1:30 on Sunday, March 13th in the Maximillian room inside the beautiful and historic Driskill hotel at 604 Brazos St. in downtown Austin.

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