Clear Food is Becoming Clear Labs

by, Clear Labs

We’re excited to announce that our Clear Food brand is officially becoming Clear Labs.

We initially launched Clear Food with the goal of creating a consumer arm for the Clear Labs brand, focused on driving awareness around quality and transparency in the food industry. As we’ve grown and evolved in over the last 6 months, we ultimately realized that the consumer nature of Clear Food and the industry direction of Clear Labs were both striving towards the same goal – a better standard for food.

Our mission is to drive unprecedented transparency and to mitigate risk in our food supply chain through data-driven intelligence. We believe that both consumers and the food industry will benefit ubiquitously from this vision for safe, quality products and a secure supply chain that everybody can trust.

What we do and who we are isn’t changing, we’re just unifying our brand to represent a unified goal.

What will change

Our Clear Food consumer reports (on hot dogs and turkey) will be re-homed to a new section on the Clear Labs website. We will also be adding a new type of reports to our repertoire, focused on helping the food industry identify insights and trends in specific food categories. Check out reports page and stay tuned for more information on upcoming reports.

For the next 30 days, will still exist, simply pointing visitors in the direction of the reports’ new home at After 30 days, will simply redirect to the reports page on

We’ll also be unifying our social brands on Twitter and Facebook under the Clear Labs handle. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re directed to the right place throughout the transition.

Head to the Clear Labs website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

We’re excited about this transition and the direction we’re headed – thank you for being a part of the Clear Labs journey!

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