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CRISPR is poised to rapidly transform the food industry as we know it today – the technology, which simplifies and accelerates the task of manipulating a genome (nontransgenic), has garnered much speculation and comment over the last year.

Sasan Amini, the CEO and co-founder of Clear Labs, recently shared his thoughts with FoodDive on food bioengineering and CRISPR, and the way it is already challenging mindsets, manufacturer motivations, and regulations around food safety.

As he says, “Manufacturers do not have to wait for CRISPR to ‘happen’ to the food industry — it’s already here.”

CRISPR is on the cusp of transforming processes from crop enhancement, human gene therapy, livestock breeding, and antibiotic resistance elimination. In food safety alone, measures such as eliminating antibiotic resistance, baking in immunity to pathogens like salmonella, increasing perishable food shelf life, and developing new products for consumers stand to benefit from this technology.

However, the verdict is still out on the many different potential second- and third-order consequences, and there’s an urgency for testing technologies to keep up. The opportunities are endless, but we have a ways to go in regulation, technology, and culture to recognize CRISPR’s full potential.

At Clear Labs we are committed to pushing the limit of testing technologies and food genomics so that we can keep to the promise of food safety, transparency, and innovation.

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