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We are so excited to announce new Salmonella serotyping capabilities, now available on our proprietary NGS platform. Food safety professionals can now detect up to 40 unique Salmonella serotypes in an enriched sample in about 24 hours.


Today, traditional Salmonella serotyping is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that requires trained technicians, the management of various reagents and consumables, and exposes the laboratory to additional contamination. Whether performed at an in-house laboratory or through a service provider, the cost (as high as $185/sample) and long time-to-result diminish the value that serotype information can provide to an establishment.


While molecular solutions are available that target genetic regions responsible for serotype antigens, they are more expensive and require pure cultures for analysis, which do not improve the total time to result.


Our capabilities stand out over legacy methodologies for a few key reasons.


One, our food manufacturers and service labs are able to test for presence/absence of pathogens and serotypes at the same time, avoiding the 3-5 day cost of traditional serotyping methodologies. By having both sets of information at the same time, customers are able to make faster, more informed decisions that impact consumer safety and operational efficiencies.


Two, we also allow food safety professionals the ability to detect multiple serotypes at once, including several combinations of serotypes and even commonly used laboratory control strains. This makes it more cost effective. Clear Safety’s Salmonella serotyping can be conducted in about 24 hours, enabling customers to act faster when a contamination event occurs.


Three, the tunability of the platform means that customers have more control over their test results. They can choose if they want to test at the genus level for the presence or absence of Salmonella, at the species level for Salmonella bongori and Salmonella enterica, and at the serotype level. Furthermore, customers do not have to test for all 40 serotypes available on the Clear Safety platform. Instead, they can choose which serotypes are most applicable for their test runs.

The power of NGS is to afford these kinds of improvements so that food safety professionals can catch outbreaks sooner and cut down on the time from insight-to-decision.


Since the beginning, our goal has been to raise the standard for the way food is tested and analyzed before it is consumed by billions of people each day. These new capabilities are key to realizing that mission across the entire food industry.


Thank you for being a part of our journey.


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